Segway Photobooth

The Segway Photobooth is a self-balancing steampunk inspired robot that I designed, created for the Museum of Aviation’s Canada 150 Steam Punk Gala. This robot can stand up freely on its own without falling as it has a PID controller programmed into it to keep it up. It also has a Raspberry Pi, a camera, and a hacked receipt printer inside it that allows it to print the photo it takes right away!

Building Process

Small scale proof of concept

CAD Design for first iteration

Laser-cut wheels are connected to the body via a custom made 3D printed hub.

It works! There’s an Arduino connected to a gyro & accelerometer chip in the base of the robot. Programmed inside of it is a PID control system that keeps the robot up by moving in the opposite direction of where the robot’s falling.

At Science Odyssey 2017 at the parliament with the early version of the robot.